Day 10 2013: Mt Barker – Denmark

I feel a Tingle

Total: 805.7 km, 4977 m; Dist: 54.5 km (Mark), Time: 2:27, Speed: 22.2 km/h, El: 511m


As instructed by the Mt Barker Caravan Park owner, on our departure we make sure the car is moving before the wheels are turned.

More vineyards

The previous evening we talked to cyclist Clive. He’s en route to the TDU and is excited to ride with a peloton. With a full campy Bianchi, shaved legs and campy socks, there are mutterings that he’s trying too hard, so we make him repair our punctures.

The deadly Alpaca. We siddle past quietly, careful not to agitate it.

The road is lumpy, but generally down to the coast.

Down the hill Clive turns around and heads back. Coffee break.

Driver warning outside of Denmark.

We’re there. Pretty Denmark.

We search the cafes for rollmops but come up with something even stranger:

We book into the pub. Bikes in the dining room.

And head off for some sight-seeing. The valley of the giants. Tingles:

And there are a lot of them

You can’t even hide from them:

On the way back we stop by Green Pool to observe the Antarctic ocean.

I know, today’s all been desolate and bleak landscapes. But soon our ordeal will be over. Albany tomorrow.

Plutonic Girl
Some history: ”Apartment 99 was Simone, Lily, and Todd. Todd left and joined Turnstyle, leaving them with Apartment 25. Carla joined and became Plutonic Girl. Paul from Red Jezebel joined then left to go on tour with Jebediah instead.”

Gasoline – Live @ The Prince of Wales, Bunbury 1998

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