O Brother, Where Art Thou?



OK. Time to rethink the whole epic business. I think we need to draw inspiration from the original. Every epic since Homer’s Odysseus has been some sort of remake/adaption.
Homer: Odysseus,
-> Joyce: Ulysses,
-> Coen: O Brother, where art thou?,
-> Dantes: “Ulisse” (near the very bottom level of Hell)
-> Lord Tennyson: Ulysses
-> Clooney: (Ulysses Everett McGill):

The original epic. It’s a road trip, but with Sirens and a Cyclops.

I saw flash across the internet:
How many fully chrome triplets do you suppose there are in the world?”
Sometime one encounters a question so thought-provoking that it takes your breath away.

ChromeTandemAlmost but, not quite.

There we are:Triplet1

It’s hard to tell which side is big ring to the front:

Santana Triplet Chrome outfitted with Campagnolo Nuovo Record. 1988 build.
On ebay here.

The sale is for in-store pick up only. Always good to see seven chain rings on a bike. Especially if the big ring has 62 teeth. Imagine how fast this could go!

$15,000, Free Local Pickup: Chicago, Illinois.
Cycle Smithy, 2468 1/2 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614, 773-281-0444

(Epic? yes, this qualifies. Anyone passing through Chicago?)

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2 Responses to O Brother, Where Art Thou?

  1. Mark says:

    Yes, cheap if you consider the number of chain rings!
    And that the number of fully chrome triplets in the world is likely to be exactly one.

  2. 888riley says:

    Wow man. So right and yet so so wrong.

    At least it’s cheap!

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