Rejoice! (Our Land is girt by sea)


I have so many bike pictures! I have to divest myself. Just the ones in the “bikes in art” category extends to various specialized sub- folders, down to the “bikes in art on car bonnets”

People’s ideas of art are different. Here’s Tom Boonen’s take:

All things come to an end, and so it is with me and the Epic. The problem now is that I am left with literally 1000’s of bike photos that have been curated over the past few years. I considered just dumping everything here but it would be just too much. I’m just going to pull out some representative examples.
There is a very long series of Rock n’ Roll bike related photos. Here’s a nice sneering Elvis:

And Patti Smith

And I must admit, there are a disturbing number of “girls on bikes” photos on my hard-drive (people keep sending me stuff). And the various sub-genres: “tattooed girls on bikes”, ” tattooed bike-polo girls”, etc. Here’s one of Leah, a rare example of a female back tandem tattoo:

Another of my female favorites: Tiffany Cromwell
Trofeo Alfredo Binda - Comune di Cittiglio 2014

I also have a large number of podium trophies. Here’s the trophy for Tro-Bro Léon in Brittany:

And the hat trophy at Pias Vasco with a fingerbang:

Then there is the whole genre of inter-war German post-cards (zwischenkriegs deutschen Postkartensammlung):

My favorite folding bike ad: “Le Petit Bi”. (Yes we have a lot of ground to cover, best make yourself comfortable.)

Then there are the thousands of pro-tattoos pics. You must remember being intrigued by Jack Bobridge’s arm. What did that modest tattoo say?

No matter, because there appear to be larger mysteries to interpret when he took his shirt off in the humidity of this years Tour de Langkawi.
Cycling: Tour Langkawi 2014/ Stage 5

This almost directly led to there being Epic Bobridge bidons. Mythical items never to eventuate:

Although my personal favorite:

This one historical:
The Wagga Wagga Kangaroos, 1915. I read the motto on this as “100 out – 10 return”. Pretty grim. Until a bit of googling shows the motto to actually be a more positive: “I go out to return” (“by Courage and Faith, for King & Country”).

This one a bicycle Australian Coat of Arms made before Federation:
This was suggested by Punch in 1896, such was the enthusiasm for cycling in Australia in the 19th century.

And BTW, speaking of history, where was Australia’s first Velodrome? Sydney? Melbourne? Extraordinarily, it seems to have been at Mystery Bay, built by the Bicycle Club of Corunna in 1892. The hard men of Corunna Point:

You can still see traces of it, amazing. It’d certainly be worth a look (click here to open in Google maps):

There are various all sorts of images in the “pro” category. This is one of my favorites of Bernard Hinault.
Although, who would have picked him for being a “peg-bag” man? I assumed he was more of a “pegs-left-on-the-line” type guy. It’s hard to pick the French sometimes.

And here is my favorite Eddy Merckx pic:
404MerkyxOK I admit it, the 404 Peugeot had something to do with the choice.

Commuter pics? I think this one has style.

And this is amazing:
18039That’s jumping a ramp with 7 kids and knee-high boots!

I’m sure you’ve been waiting for one of Mario (like a Tiiiger):

Italians have no shame:

The 70’s have no shame (like a Tiiiger):

What have I left out? The cute animal pics.

The rapture pics.

The suitcases of courage pics.
I’m done. Email me if you want to read my poems. See you on a ride!

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2 Responses to Rejoice! (Our Land is girt by sea)

  1. Wendy Riley says:

    Great fun!! How about the Xmas Epic book? Pity to waste such an accumulation of inspirational pics!

  2. Gerry Pierce says:

    You guys are enough to make me move to OZ (almost). It doesn’t hurt that you like Viners. I have a nice 54 cm Viner Pro from the late ’80’s that I’m going to list on eBay. But first, after reading your posts on and off for the past several years, I thought I would see if you’re interested.

    Has a campy group and (are you ready for this) has been ridden less that a kilo-klk. It has been bagged and stored in dry nitrogen for around 30 years. The rubber on the brake levers looks like it just came from the factory. IF you are interested (IF) then send me a way to get some pictures to you.
    I am in California, so shipping needs to be considered, but I can do a great job of packaging.
    What do you say?

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