Every year after Xmas there is an Epic bike trip.
Epic – we also answer to: marginal, desperate, hardcore, biblical, apocalyptic.

Since 2009, the Xmas Epic ethos has been enshrined in the heady and seductive principles of attaining a state of ataraxia.

Ataraxia (Ἀταραξία “tranquillity”) is a Greek term used by Epicurus (philosopher 341–270 BC) for “a lucid state, characterized by freedom from worry or any other preoccupation”.

For the Epicureans, ataraxia was synonymous with the only true happiness possible for a person. It signifies the state of robust tranquillity derived from eschewing faith in an afterlife, not fearing the gods because they are distant and unconcerned with us, avoiding politics and vexatious people, and surrounding oneself with trustworthy and affectionate friends.

Periods of robust tranquillity:
2009 Melbourne – Adelaide (1073 km = 13 days) 5 riders + 2 support
2010 Brisbane – Nthn NSW – Brisbane (422km – 7 days) 7 riders + 1 support
2011 Narooma – Melbourne (780 km – 12 days) 7 riders + 1 support
2012 Sydney – Canberra (350 km – 5 days) 12 riders + 3 support
2013 Perth – Albany (866 km – 11 days) 13 riders + 2 support


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I believe a small dog was also supporting the 2011 epic, no? Plus assorted gardening accoutrements…

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