The List

I am adding suggestions as they are received….


1. Melbourne – Adelaide (1073 km – 13 days) Done 2009
2. Brisbane – Nthn NSW – Brisbane (422km – 7 days) Done 2010
3. Narooma – Melbourne (780 km – 12 days) Done 2011
4. Sydney – Canberra (350 km – 5 days) Done 2012
5. Perth – Albany (866 km – 11 days) Done 2013
6. Perth – Adelaide
7. Sydney – Kosciuszko
8. Darling source – Murray mouth
9. Christmas Creek – Canberra (via BNT)
10. Windsor – Christmas Creek – Lithgow: Wollemi loop
11. Adelaide – Uluru
12. Tassie loop
13. Darwin – Broome
14. Alice Springs – Halls creek: (Tanami Desert 1032 km)
15. Port Augusta – Australian POI


1. Paris – Brest – Paris
2. Lhasa – Kathmandu
3. Peshawar – Kashgar
4. TeufelsBrueke – just to ride across it would be awesome enough.
5. Passo Dello Stelvio
6. Vancouver – Seattle – Portland – San Francisco
7. Mendoza – Santiago
8. Banepa Bardibas Highway – Nepal

We need to build up the possibilities..


11 Responses to The List

  1. Mal says:

    Mendoza, Argentina to Santiago, Chile … flattish.
    There is the wreckage of a Lincoln bomber not too far off route (it’s been through a glacier) that was carrying diamonds that have never been found. Worth a look.

    • Mark says:

      Flattish?…..Hmm, bikeroutetoaster gives 7500 m ascent. I like the thinking though. Sort of like an Indiana Jones escapade on bikes?

      • Mal says:

        Quite flattish on the top. And very long downhills. I think the bomber went down south of the road. I think the plane carrying the rugby team went down south of the road too.Lot of country south of the road. I guess the NS white line on the map is the Argentina-Chile border. Tempting to follow that fenceline. There are sacrificial mummies to be found.

  2. Mal says:

    Karakoram highway – say Peshawar to Kashgar. Only one international border crossing. Good roads in China.

  3. 888riley says:

    Mark, I think a Bathurst finish would be brilliant. And Mt Panorama would be a great ride. As long as we get lots of kms in before it ….

  4. Wendy Riley says:

    Regarding Tassie loop -my house is now ready for occupancy. 1 day from Hbt airport. Friends have just bought an electric bike – household n = 7. There is a Tasmanian trail from Devonport to Dover (part road) – east coast is lush!

  5. 888riley says:

    What about Canberra – Ballarat to catch the Aus road championships. Or aim to finish at the Tour Down Under (once they move it out of adelaide), we could do the Gran Fondo as our final day …

    The danger with Como is we might accidently bump into George Clooney. Too risky. We’d suffocate in unbearable smugness

    Paris-Brest-Paris sounds brilliant (because paris is in it twice)

  6. Miranda ;) says:

    Hey Mark, can you invite me to see river loop coffee, won’t let me look at it unless invited 😉

  7. ducatiboy says:

    How about Ducati, Bologna, Italy to Imola Circuit, Via Fratelli Rosselli, Imola, Italy?

    Admittedly only 54.4km…

    • Mark says:

      What about Como? Ride around the lake in the morning and ski in the afternoon. Plus its the perfect place to bump into Cadel again.

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