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Performance for 25 passing vehicles

John Reid “Performance for 25 Passing Vehicles” Newell Highway NSW 1989 48×143 cm silver gelatin print Advertisements

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Commuting in 2013

(Just in case you haven’t seen it.)

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A new season, white smoke (its an old white man), la classica di Primavera, get on your mfb!

This is how close we came to a sensational new Sagan victory salute.

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Commuting with Escalators

A contribution from Annaliese & friends at the Brisbane Airport. Warning: Large amount of bicycle underwear visible.

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Commuting with Attitude

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Kenilworth village life: the daily commute

The correct response at breakfast on the B&B circuit is: “I’ll have the full English, please.” This will elicit the following: “And would you be wanting the… (at this point the voice is lowered to a whisper) …’extras’ with that?” … Continue reading

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