Untrammelled Manhood

Tom (“Tommeke”) Boonan:

Mark (“Manx Missile”) Cavendish:

Mario (“Lion King”) Cipolini:

Alberto (“El Pistolero”) Contador:

Michael (“The Chicken”) Rassmussen:

Jan (“der Kaiser”) Ullrich on the love bus:

I almost forgot the “icon” of the site: Cipo again. Get into the Big Ring Mario!

Sean (“Captain Haddock”) Eadie: Sprint World Champion (2002)
Cycling News: “So why bother shaving your legs then?”
Sean Eadie: “Because it feels great in bed.”


4 Responses to Untrammelled Manhood

  1. 888riley says:

    Wow .. I was so concerned about the state of Mario Cipolini’s mental health that I entirely missed the inverted roast chicken! Now I look at that photo and its all I can see! Fuck his mental health!

  2. ducatiboy says:

    See what too much cycling does to you? Be warned…

  3. Leah says:

    Although I am horrified by the whole collection, I genuinely do not understand the Cipolini photo. Is that an inverted roast chicken in a chocolate box?

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