Ride Info

Cup Rider/
Deposit? $10 T-shirt? Notes
A Leah Rider 100 Y
B E Malcolm Rider 100 ?
D N Jasper Rider 100 ? returning Bris NYE
O I Scott Rider 0 Y returning Sydney NYE
U D Andy Rider 100 ? returning Bris NYE
J I James Rider 100 Y
A L Kathy support (“Annemarie Lorant”)
P O Mark Rider 100 Y That’s right, I’m taking “PO”
A M Miranda Rider 100 red
R A Annaliese Support Y returning Bris NYE
O J Steve Rider 100 Y thought OJ would be quick to go
V D Wendy support 100 Y “Vida Dutton”
! Vinnie Rider 100 ? returning Bris NYE
! Jonathon Rider 100 Y (Jonathon Barnett)
! Natalie Rider 100 ?
! Corrie Rider 100 Y a maybe

email to get bank details for deposit (m.riley@uq.edu.au)

Latest Route here

For those that have not been on an Epic and are wondering WTF is happening, don’t panic, the ride is largely self-organising given a few basic “guidelines”. Every ride is different, but what has worked in the past is the following:

1. You are responsible for your own bike and it is assumed that you have made a basic check of your bike, and have taken it for a decent (& recent) test ride before we start:
Tyres have tread, sidewalls not split.
Brakes pads still have some wear left, brakes adjusted.
No gear/brake cables fraying or likely to break.
You should be able to deal with a puncture on your own (ie carry a spare tube, tyre levers & hand pump). People have often had to do this in previous years.

2. We have to leave early every morning to beat the heat. You get used to it.

3. The support people don’t pay for accommodation, total accommodation costs are split between the riders.

4. Food. Mostly we descend on cafes, bakeries, etc on an individual pay basis. We set up a kitty for fuel & shared food, (Breakfast, some dinners, muesli bars, fruit, electrolytes, etc, to take on bike).

5. The support vehicle will carry everyone’s gear and also will have the communal stuff:
Basic bike tools: Foot-pump, cluster remover, chain breaker, assorted spokes, spoke key, spare pie-plate, allen keys, shifter, chain lube.
Basic cooking stuff: gas bottle stove, espresso maker, jaffle iron, large pot for pasta, plastic plates/bowls, cutlery.
Basic first-aid: Band-aids, betadine, plastic skin, butterfly clips, ibuprofen, paw-paw ointment,
Assos chamois creme and a bucket of sunscreen.

6. Bring: tent & sleeping bag (needed for 2 nights), cycling shorts, toothbrush, towel. Minimal clothes. Swimmers, (2 days are on the beach). The following items have been found to be useful on some previous trips: a torch (a bike light works), ear-plugs, insect repellent, magnesium tablets (works for cramps), Robbie McEwen autobiography or similar book.

7. Riding: you should carry spare tube, tyre levers, pump, water bottle. Mobile in a zip-lock plastic bag, money for cafes.
Optionally you may also have: multi-tool, camera, extra sunscreen, sunnies, mp3 player (1 ear bud only), handpresso, bike computer, bananas,.. (It’s amazing how much you can fit into those jersey pockets.)
Don’t forget to bring your helmet!

Specific to this epic: Sealed roads all the way apart from 2 km dirt. Any bike will do. It’s a tough day 3.


8 Responses to Ride Info

  1. Anna says:

    Don’t get excited, just Jonathon Barnett – poor Jonathon!

  2. Mal says:

    I had a look at the route last week (Alpaca ranch to Wollongong). All good – only 2 kilometres of dirt. The GDR is fine in a car. There is a somewhat dispiriting double hill, but what would an epic be without a challenge? I wouldn’t know because I haven’t actually ridden all of one….

  3. Mark says:

    That’s it! All espresso cups taken, even the two spares. 12 riders and 3 support.

  4. Miranda ;) says:

    Hey, yes, I am coming …please put me down for AM and RED t-shirt please!!!! Deposit to come…:)

  5. Mal says:

    great picture – is it en route?

  6. Anonymous says:

    OJ & T shirt for me, cheers, Steve

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