Sun Protection: ‘Unique and slightly different’

Become your own piece of performance art!

Sun protection is a personal thing … but here’s a stylin’ idea from BikeJerks that combines useful scary warning skulls with a practical short-brim bike cap.

“Each garment is unique and slightly different. They are made by hand and it shows. They are not perfect, or uniform. The lack of equipment was once a financial necessity and has now become an aesthetic choice. Relying only on eyes and experience is a concept that I still find romantic.


Stylin' warning skulls

And let’s take few minutes to consider the rich tapestry:

“People always talk about how great the past was, but we’ll never have the past, all we have is now. This is our golden age, this is our time, this is classic cycling.”

Indeed. Amen to that, brother.


Money back guarantee, natch. Sort of.

“If you’re not satisfied, let me know and we’ll work something out. Unless you’re a total dick about it … ”



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