the ultra euro chic way

“Pitboss” Sunglasses – “the intersection of attitude without remorse”
“Front row. Top of the class. Commander-in-Chief. The boss – no questions asked. The result of more than six years of grinding at the intersection of attitude without remorse and just plain born to be respected. In order to push our idea of elevating physics to an art form to new heights, we had to get down in the pits.”
“Pit Boss is packed with High Definition Optics and a combination of all our lens technologies. That means you’re getting Polarized, Hydrophobic, Oleophobic and anti-reflective lenses.”
“Oakley HDPolarized Lenses: Oakley uses a liquid infusion process that creates bonding at the molecular level, allowing the filter to achieve the highest possible level of performance.”

The site has much extra information. Not only does it have HD optics, but it is made from Titanium and O Matter. It incorporates an orbital screw (because: “The slightest bit of stress can make HDO go crazy”) and hexalobular bolts. Damn!
Unfortunately the strength of the Australian dollar has done nothing to bring this within reach at $899.95.

Maybe more fitting, even “asian fitting”(?), is the LA Jawbone:

Or there is a range of Ducati glasses:
“The world’s best optics collide with a heavy dose of Italian seasoning for performance that presses the realm of reason. Racing-inspired style hugs Oakley engineering like a Ducati bike through a gravity-defying turn.”



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